starting slowly

This is the little fox now, some three plus years since I had my first post.  His curls are gone sadly, however that is the only thing this boy has lost – everything else is bigger, brighter and louder.

little fox the rockstar - I wish I could find those sunnies!?!

It has been three plus years since I first started this blog, but who is counting? No one, no one, no one knows about this space.  Over those three years there has been the highest joys and the greatest of sorrows and a range of emotions in between, my family has grown and also reduced in size.  I wanted to blog before now and tried to start a couple of times but I guess that now is the right time to start.  Truth be known I thought last night was the right time to start but somehow I lost my entire post, while editing photos, umm I am the novice.

This is Poppy she arrived in 2010, there are no curls here, not even when she was born.  I was surprised, I’d expected if I’d had a girl she would be bald, and grow to have blond ringlets like I had as a babe, but Poppy arrived with hair! Dark brown hair, the softest thing I had ever touched.

seriously we wore these clothes in the middle of summer!

We moved about five months ago, from Melbourne, from our beautiful little house (sold), from our very special friends and my wonderful sister, not to mention our fantastic and supportive neighbours.

We are in Canberra now.  Arrived in October, that was a rubbish, rubbish, rubbish month –  so glad that is behind us.  Summer didn’t come to Canberra this year, well not for more than a day or two, it has been more like a long spring followed immediately by autumn, the wettest summer her in 62 years! Just the way I wanted to spend my summer – cold and wet!  The people in Canberra are wonderful, we all made at least one really good friend within weeks of arriving, I made two great friends at a local garage sale! Picked up another at a park.  It’s these people who have helped me settle in to Canberra. They are the kind of people I will stay in touch with for a long time.

So this is a start, I’m not sure what this blog will be any more than a place to share my musings, share some of our adventures exploring a new city and growing up as a family.


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