Easter bunnies

The anticipation for easter wasn’t huge this year, Little Fox understands fully what is coming, but for Poppy who is just two, it is all new. She is simply excited if he is!  So after a little time bouncing around being easter bunnies it was time for egg collection…

There was not a lot of chocolate for the kids, a couple of Fair Trade easter rabbits, from Grandma and Grandpa D – who left them during their recent visit.  These were so generously shared with Marco and myself.  I am always so touched when these two share their special treats, and they do so often!  Then from us (err the easter bunny) there were two plastic eggs each filled with little chocolate goodies.

When we were kids my mother was pretty careful with the foods she gave my brother, sister and I.  Anything with additives and numbers were out as they caused my brother’s behaviour to deteriorate, I’m sure my sister and I were no angels but it was my brother’s behaviour which was most obviously effected.  So instead she would give us a gift for easter which included a small amount of chocolate and a book. One year we each received a beautiful bunnikins egg cup.  I am following some of my mother’s parenting consciously and I am sure much more unconsciously. This year I bought the kids the beautiful book Rechenka’s Eggs, a beautiful story and rather apt for this time of year.  I forgot about the book on Easter Sunday only remembering as the kids were crawling into bed for the night. Fox loved the book, Poppy said she was “caredy” the literal translation of caredy is ‘scared’, I am not sure why she was scared, it is a lovely book.  She has been saying she is “caredy”a bit lately, once when she was watching Grandpa in my Pocket on ABC for kids!!?!

Speaking of books, these are the books we’ve enjoyed most this week. I think that The Tiger Who Came To Tea is this week’s favourite.   Some times I’ll substitute the names in this book with the kids names, so ‘Sophie’ has become ‘Poppy’ and ‘the Tiger’ has become ‘the Fox Tiger’, the kids think it is fantastic and sit in anticipation for me to read out their name, and then roll about laughing.  It’s a book I loved as a kid too!


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