camera doctors…

My camera (5 months old) has gone to the camera doctors.  The cap on the mode dial popped off and is lost, apparently the only way to replace it is to send it to the camera doctors.  I miss my camera and am counting the days till it returns to our little household to record some of the special and ordinary moments in our lives.

Fortunately Marco’s iPhone camera captured the following pics…

Last night I was driving home after sewing with a couple of new friends, on the way I drove past some unwanted treasures, I stopped for a quick look, and decided the old trolley could be cleaned up and easily re-homed as an industrial shelving unit.  Unfortunately I couldn’t fit it in the boot of the car – and a sizeable boot it is.  I went home empty handed, and chatted up a sleepy husband commiting him to an early morning adventure.  As soon as the kids woke (they are early risers) we were all up and in the car, the 6 degrees didn’t deter me, and we are now the proud owners of a new project!!

What a man – he is so supportive of me and my ideas!

I do love a good road side pick up – I’ll show you some of my restored rescues in another post.


4 thoughts on “camera doctors…

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