Love to cuddle? We do.


One of the things I loved to do with my beautiful Mum was to cuddle, she didn’t get much affection from her parents but she gave so much to her children.  Growing up we were a really affectionate family. My Mum was a cuddler, my elder brother was a huge cuddler, I was a cuddler and my little sister was a cuddler.  We would snuggle in front of the TV, snuggle in Mum & Dad’s bed, sit on our parents lap at every opportunity and when Mum was sick and in hospital we would get into bed and cuddle her.  Don’t get me wrong I’m not saying it was all happy families I’m saying we liked to cuddle and to be close.

Before my children were born I said to Marco that I hoped our babies were cuddlers.  The little Fox came first, he was equally as affectionate with me as he was with his Dad but as a baby not really a cuddler, he was so confident, busy and active, not one to sit still for a cuddle.  Poppy is different she was the cuddler right from the start, she wants a cuddle whenever she can possibly get one, but she is selective with whom!  As he grew up, little Fox’s cuddle gene seems to have blossomed, he is now officially a cuddler, affectionate and oh so generous with his family and me in particular.  During dinner this week I said I was feeling a overwhelmed. Fox said ‘I know what to do for that’ as he jumped up out of his chair smiling and raced around to me to give me a big cuddle and a kiss.  He kisses and cuddles all the time, he tells me he loves me 100 times a day. He wants to kiss and cuddle Poppy too, often she isn’t keen and pushes him away, other times she smooches and cuddles back. They are beautiful together, a lot of the time, they are real they are cuddliers.   And I do know how lucky I am that I have two cuddly children who love each other, and who will snuggle and be close, how fortunate I am!

I’m thankful to my family of origin for teaching me the joy of cuddles and thanks to my own family for continuing the love of cuddles and closeness, it feeds my soul.


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