happy birthday Uncle Ben

If Ben were with us he would be 39 today, I find that so hard to believe 39!  But he will be forever 17, that was when he left us so early.  Ben had special needs, no diagnosis and looking at him he looked like anyone of us, but when you spent time with Ben it became quickly apparent that there were something amiss.  He was so full of love, so affectionate, so caring and such a lover of people. He knew everyone in the country town where we grew up and I wasn’t known as Rachel I was know as Ben’s H’s little sister.  One night he went to sleep and he just didn’t wake up.  It was horrible, the most horrible thing I had been through growing up and now that I am a mama I just can’t imagine how horrible it must have been for my parents to lose their beautiful, special, delicious, affectionate gift, Ben.

On Ben’s birthday we celebrate his life, and remember the gift that he has given us.  Some of the great things I learnt from Ben are to accept people, to be your self, that you are worthy and you have something to offer, you are of value. Though I do have to remind myself of these values often, Ben had them innately.  Happy Birthday my beautiful brother I give thanks for the gift of your short life, thank you for your love and showing me how to be a more loving, generous, accepting person.  I do miss you and I remember you with great love with great sadness and also with great joy and admiration.

Fox has said that he is sad that Uncle Ben died because he would have liked to play with him, which brought tears to my eyes as I know that their Uncle Ben would have showered them with so much love, he would have been so proud of these little babes.

Marco and I talk about death with the babes, not just because of our Ben but because it has been one of our families recent significant experiences and talking simply and with care about this topic is honest and real.  Fox often asks about where our spirt goes and why our bodies have to die.  I’ve told him what I believe that our sprits leave our bodies and live on in a beautiful peace filled place.

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