pick up…..of the road side variety

I found these beauties on the side of the road, just down the street were we were living in Melbourne. I saw them being put out and raced inside to Marco calling out words to the effect of ‘come out now’. We raced across the road grabbed the goods and danced back to our little court yard. That was just before we bought our first home. So with painting, setting up our home,  a new baby, minor and then major renovations and another new baby I didn’t get to paint them in those four years and then we moved to Canberra… I love my out door setting…, well now I do.  Thanks to a bit of blue happiness (I think the colour is French Blue).  I had it powder coated here, after the move I wasn’t finding time for painting so we gave ourselves a lovely treat and had someone do it for us!

Thanks to Maia for the handmade skirt for Poppy (above), she loves it!  We do love handmade goodness in our home.  Michelle’s twins Clive and Hugo were the recipients of the quilt above, handmade by my hands, it’s one of two for those super special wee babes to help them sleep yummy so their mama can too.


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