we live with a zebra

Jess leading Oslo into the lift...on his way to his new home

Zebra crossing...literally!

Having sold our first home just prior to moving to Canberra we are now renting.  We renovated our Melbourne home, and it was ours to do what we wanted with, paint, hang pictures, choose colours, plan and plant our garden and so on.  It was great fun, I loved making our family home, LOVED it and was happy to work on our home.

Rentals are very, very hard to come by in Canberra competition is tough.   One criteria was our house must have ducted heating.  We were lucky to get a house in a nice area with ducted heating!  While it is our home and we are making it home I don’t like it much.  The walls are a yucky colour, a dirty bagie, which I just want to hide but I’m stuggling as we can’t hang our pictures or mirrors as we can’t put any nails in walls.

My sister knocked on my door one tuesday night prior to christmas, she flew up to surprise me to give me, all of us, a pick-me-up, to cuddle the babes who just adore her, to hold my hand and to spend time.  I am so glad she was here for so many reasons, one of which is she helped me and the babes bring Oslo home.


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