so fortunate

We have fly overs from time to time here, fighter jets, they make so much noise.   The first time I was scared, didn’t know what was happening, what the noise was, or whether we were in danger?!!#!

Anzac day saw more fly overs.  This time I knew what the thundering sound was, and I knew we had nothing to be concerned about.  How fortunate we are to live in Australia. We are not a war torn country and our children are safe.

I feel for women, no anyone, who lives in war torn country who must feel the most extreme fear and anxiety when fighter jets fly over. For such people those jets are not offering a display of agility they are weapons, able to cause the most horrendous suffering.

And it is by the Grace of God that I was born to white middle class parents in a developed country, I could have been a child in Iran in Syria or Sundan.  I have so much to be grateful for, so much of my life is blessed.

I do remember, and am deeply grateful for the men and women who put their lives at risk, who have lost limbs, sight, friends, emotional stability, and many their life, in order to keep Australia safe, our lives safe. It is an amazing, sacrifice.

My greatest hope on this Anzac day is that as a country we work hard at looking at alternatives to military intervention, that we talk and seek to understand differences and work to resolve disputes without the loss of life, our own service personnel, civilians and defence personnel of other nations.  May we act in just ways in our dealings as a nation and as individuals.

Let us remember the ultimate sacrifice others have made and learn from this to do all we can to make the future a more harmonious place.


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