Me:   “We’ve finished snap I’m all out of cards.”

Fox:  “No…I’ve got lots of cards and you can have all these…….that’s really lovely of me isn’t it?”

Me (laughing loudly): “Yes it really is.  I love you Fox.”

Fox (laughing loudly): “I love you too.”

Fox:  “Mama I love kissing you, I love cuddling you and I love playing snap with you.”


4 thoughts on “snap

  1. oh bless him! I just love these photos. how are the kids enjoying carpet…!!?! hehe next bub might find it a bit easier learning to crawl 🙂 so happy you are back in blogland, I feel so terrible for not keeping on top of emails, this will be so wonderful to see how you are all going xx

    • Carpet is great, but not so easy to clean! I’m a visual person so a blog is such a good way to keep in touch from a distance! x Let me know when the next stitches and craft show is on. It could just coincide with a visit to Melbourne?!

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