Our babes need to eat dinner early, or they turn into gremlins, their heads spin, they spit out green spew, climb the walls, you know the gist.  So somewhere between 5 – 5.30pm I serve up a meal.  Tonight Poppy asked for a fork for the first time, how apt we were having pasta – we almost never have pasta.   It was a happy dinner, we all prepared happily, ate without a fuss and talked about the best parts of our day.

Years ago a person told me about ‘High Low’ the name he gave his family’s meal time conversation. Each person had an opportunity to share what was the highlight of their day and a difficulty or a struggle.  We try it some days, but for now while the kids are 2 and 4 we are just talking about the highlights.  Today Fox loved ‘just kissing and cuddling you Mama’.  I don’t know what Poppy’s highlight was, if I were to guess I would say it was time with Theo, Magnus and Maia jumping in puddles or using a grown-up fork.  Mine umm I loved sitting in the sun with Maia and our respective babies and the kisses and cuddles from my Fox….cause you can have more than one highlight!

Marco’s highlight was coming home to the joyful squeals of Poppy shouting ‘Daddoooooo’ as he walked through the door.


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