from my Dad

My Dad just sent me the email below; It is a quote he read while he was at a Quaker Conference in Nairobi this week.  It is so lovely I thought I would share it…..

“I just want to thank you for the children in my life.
Those precious little people you’ve generously shared with me
Because of them, Lord, I’m beginning to understand more clearly how you want me to be.
Is it their sense of wonder? Their instant uncomplicated trust?
Don’t you thrill at their response?
So warm and real and freely given!
Their warm hugs and wet kisses, lavished with pure joy and abandon,
Are among my most treasured presents.

I think age four is my favourite.
At four a person is bright, sweet and curious,
Wise beyond his years, intensely alert to life and all its intricacies,
Noticing, questioning, appreciating the minutest detail,
Enjoying, learning, sharing without the slightest trace of inhibition…”  Dottie Versteeg

Sleep yummy my beautiful babe’s you give me so much love, so much joy, so much fulfilment.  I just want to drink up all this time while you are so young and so full of awe at all that life offers. 


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