sleep yummy

they are sad because there isn’t much blue sky

Very tired today, well all week….and noooo not pregnant.  Poppy’s been waking at 5am or earlier, making her way down to our bed, where she wiggles and jiggles about, with her hands all over me, under my shirt.  I have never co-slept with my children, I just don’t sleep with a baby in my bed, and I don’t sleep with a toddler in my bed either.  I love my sleep, I love Poppy more.

2 thoughts on “sleep yummy

  1. That chair was another of my road side pick up’s. I had it upholstered in the green, I now wish I had done something more adventurous, like your beauties, which I have pined.
    It is a beautiful shape and so comfortable. It’s proportions are great, as it’s depth. I know I will sound old saying this but may of the modern chairs are just too deep so I find them uncomfortable.

  2. I’m with you Rach, just not a restful sleep with a bubble or little person is it?! I had this idea when I was pregnant of how lovely lying in bed breast-feeding your baby would be, you could just go to sleep – Absolute FICTION!!!

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