furniture reno

My Dad has always been a great gift giver, he gave me an electric sander for my 16th birthday, as I had started restoring furniture.  I’ve always loved working on furniture projects.  In the last year I have painted a few pieces, and I have several more pieces waiting for some love in my garage.

The lockers were a pick up from garage sale down the street from where we lived in Melbourne. They are painted in Wattyl ‘Bright Green’ using the Killrust Rust-Eeter range.  The paints are very smelly I prefer to use a VOC free paint like Porter’s Paints, they are VOC free and a beautiful range of colours!  For now the lockers are in the garage. When they have had time to off-gass, they will make their home in Fox’s bedroom.

I paid $80 for this chair in 2000. I found it at an op-shop when I was living in Alice Springs.  It’s fantastic. And it folds out to a lounge, the back also reclines and can be made to a flat bed.  Sadly the upholstery I had done is average, I used a guy in Eaglemont, VIC and was disappointed.

This is my favourite chair, I picked up from the side of the road in Melbourne.  I wish I had been more adventurous with the fabric…sigh.  That said the upholsterer was fantastic his name is Petar and while his website isn’t to my taste, his workmanship is!  This chair is really comfortable the depth is perfect, the height is perfect…I love it!!

Oh and I mentioned earlier I love these too!   There is more to show you, but I’ll keep a bit up my sleeve.


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