happy birthday grandpa whiskers

This is the post I had expected to write today on the 12 of May.  Happy Birthday to you Grandpa Whiskers. As my dad lives in Africa we sadly can’t celebrate by eating cake with him.  But cake is an important part of a birthday celebration so we celebrate Grandpa Whiskers birthday today by baking and eating cake, singing ‘Happy Birthday’ and drawing pictures we will soon send.


One thought on “happy birthday grandpa whiskers

  1. Grandpa W here in Durban, now aged 66. Thankyou so much for thinking of me and the cake looks yummy yummy for your tummy. Lucas (in photo 3) looks like he has just finished a piece off and this savouring the moment. I note Poppy’s hair is now tied back – very grown up

    I received your excellent looking yoga book and DVD which I really will use. (I’m getting a bit tired of Pilates – in the remembering to go sense).

    Lots of love

    Granda W (like Tresapassers W in Winnie the Pooh)

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