mother’s day

Mothers Day Flowers

Freezing morning here, and a real excuse being mothers day to stay in bed.  I am proud of myself because I braved the freezing cold and got out of bed early to run in the Mothers Day Classic.

The last time I trained for a run was….arrr…..12 years ago when I lived in Adelaide.  I ran in the City to Bay.  I tried participating in one fun run in Melbourne some time before kids, without training umm… lets just say I walked at least as much as I ran.

I am fit at the moment, I knew I could run today’s 10 km’s my goal was to do it in under an hour and I did!!!

It was lovely to be a mother today and to be a daughter on mother’s day.  What a gift it is to be a mother, what a gift it was to have had such a wonderful mother.

One thought on “mother’s day

  1. Aha, it looks like my physical supremacy is under challenge. I do run 10 kmtype distances but I don’t think I do it in under an hour,

    In fact, I have been thinking in the last few days about the importance of not comparing yourself with other people; rather follow your own leadings. This seems relevant. I hope it isn’t just an excuse.

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