sleep, glorious sleep

Two nights of uninterrupted sleep, I feel like a new woman, I can take on anything, I feel strong, full of zest and full of THANKS!!!   Fox sleeps well now, it wasn’t always the case.  He used to wake in the night and then anywhere from 5am onwards ready for the day, but like all things it was a stage he grew out of the waking and Poppy slipped into his pattern.

For two glorious nights Poppy has slept through the night and slept through her usual wake up time of 5.30am, waking instead after 6.30am!!!.  It is truly amazing what good night’s sleep will do.  I won’t hold my breath but I will wish like crazy that this is the beginning of two babies sleeping through the night and waking late.


5 thoughts on “sleep, glorious sleep

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