for the love of Dora

The little Fox was toilet trained before he was two.  It was great!  The impetus came from using cloth nappies.  Sure there was the odd accident but he was such a willing participant, he wanted to put his number one & two’s into the potty.  Lucky me he made what can be a difficult time easy.

Given our success with Fox I introduced Poppy to the Potty before she was two.  Like Fox she picked it up easily….initially.  After she had successfully deposited her business over a period of months into the potty she stopped.  Let me be specific: she stopped making despots of the number two variety, those she saved for her undies.

I tried talking to her, no success, a star chart, no success, growling at her, surprisingly that also brought no success.  Then I brought in the big guns ‘Dora Stickers’, two Dora stickers of her choice for a number two deposited in the potty.

success sweet success!  This week has seen deposits of both numbers in the potty, without any prompting or pushing, no cleaning soiled undies.  Today Poppy did her number two business, unbeknown to me, then brought the potty to me to show me, it was the best surprise I had all day, seriously!  Thank you Dora. May your reign be long-lasting.


3 thoughts on “for the love of Dora

  1. Ah, yes. I recall when Olive proudly presented me with a potty full of 1s and 2s.
    Carefully carried across the house without spilling a drop… fortunately.
    Ah, sweet memories. :-/

    So, Dora being used for good and not evil, huh?

  2. hooray! I wish I could find the magic stickers for cole.. he’s been trained for nearly a year, at night too, but a week after he trained he was on antibiotics which constipated him for the first time. he was in pain and didn’t want to use the toilet, he was asking for a nappy. of course I obliged, he was still so tiny and he has only sat on the toilet for successful #2’s twice in almost a year! he still prefers to do his #2 business in a nappy… I thought we crossed the hurdle a few weeks ago, but then went backwards again. I am out of ideas and will call our MHN next week to see if she’s got any ideas. maybe I should try the magic dora stickers!! xx

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