growing more and more self-contained

He picks himself up finds paper, texta’s and space on the family table then draws, writes, glues, paints or uses masses of sticky tape creating three-dimensional artworks.  He is becoming more and more self-contained.

He says ‘Mama I’ll never forget you”, as though he is about to leave home.  He gives me lots of kisses, he fills me up with hugs.  I am so amazed at what he can do, he seems so grown up, then I see his naked body and remember he is such a little person, and that I ask him to help me perhaps a little more than I should.

At the moment he is my easy one, his temperament is even, his actions are kind, he is mostly compliant.  Two year old tantrums have at times pulled my time and attention away from him of late.  I am conscious I need to give time to him, just to him on his own, maybe we can get up to mischief this weekend after ballet!!! I love saying ‘after he goes to ballet’.


One thought on “growing more and more self-contained

  1. Lovely to read this. They are at a beautiful age and yes, I agree, they are so much easier than the younger ones (it’s hard not to wish those tantrum days away, but as with most things there’s usually a brighter side). Olive often makes me forget how old she is. When I take her to bed at night I read her a book and when we finish I usually lie there for a while. She often places her hand over mine or rolls over to kiss my forehead as though I am the child. It’s beautiful.

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