red balloons in may

Today marks 21 years since our beautiful Ben died.  It’s always been important to my family to remember him and mark important dates with special activities or rituals.  I usually get red helium filled balloons write a letter or poem, take time out to hold him close remember our times together and then let the balloons go.  This year was no different except Fox wrote his own letter……well dictated his own letter and Poppy helped by adding by adding purple accents.

It was an emotional morning lots of tears were shed.  There have been times when I haven’t been able to cry or times where I’ve suppressed the feelings.  I’m pleased that I was able to feel the feelings, hard as they were.

I really want to teach my children about Ben and Mum and about the importance of acknowledging and celebrating important people in our lives.  One of my great hopes for my children is that they don’t suffer any significant losses in their young lives.  Another hope for my children is that they grow up to be sensitive to others feelings and to act with love and kindness.

I love you Ben xx


4 thoughts on “red balloons in may

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  3. this is so beautiful rachel. I am so sorry for your loss (I just learned about Ben from your earlier post about him) and am glad, and relieved for you that you have been able to *feel* your feelings this anniversary. I so hope this has helped mend your heart at least a little. big hugs xxxxx

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