radio silence

It’s been a good couple of weeks since I came to this space.  My best man was away for almost a fortnight.  He was way for two weeks earlier in the year and we cruised through that time, I wouldn’t say it was easy but I will say that the kids and I were in a funky groove and the weeks went by smoothly.  This time it was a different story, a horror story….. ok so that may be a bit extreme but it was a difficult and exhausting couple of weeks.

Marco left very early on the Sunday morning and I wasn’t prepared for what lay ahead….it was emotional with long days and tantrums on what seemed like an hourly minute to minute basis teamed with day-sleep refusals all by the littlest member of our family.  Poppy was….umm…let me be honest….darn unpleasant to live with over the last couple of weeks.

With no time out I was absolutely drained, I was so fatigued that there were a couple of mornings when the little ones woke me at 6am I fed them, turned on the TV and went back to bed for a couple of hours.  When Marco called for a chat in the evenings I was too tired to hold a conversation.

It’s times like these that I miss my Mum even more than normal.  I wish she were around to call, to chat with, to help out physically and emotionally.   I day dream that she would come and stay, cook meals, take Poppy out and read to Fox while Poppy had tantrums, so he didn’t miss out when Poppy got stroppy.  We’d all benefit from some of her company.

I know there will be more weeks away for Marco, hopefully not more trips of a fortnight at a time.  Even if there are Poppy’s behaviour will be different.  But my God it’s good to be on the other side of that fortnight.


3 thoughts on “radio silence

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  2. I think we may be very much in sync. They sure know how to push your buttons.
    Today, I experienced tears from a four year old because I cruelly told her she’d
    have to put a hoody over her fairy dress when we went outside. It’s a hard lesson
    to learn that practicality is more important than looking pretty. I should know. I wore
    some lovely heeled boots when I went for a rare dinner out and ended up having
    to strap my ankle for 3 days. It didn’t cope without the Birkenstocks.

    Glad to hear the weeks have passed for you and things are back to normal. It’s
    terrible, isn’t it, when you’re so exhausted you can’t parent the way you want to.
    You’re not alone, be assured of that.

    • Oh Jess, what a crime to cover a fairy dress….ohhhh!
      Thanks for your lovely words they mean so much to me.
      xx R

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