family time

This weekend we were at home or close to home and it was just what we all needed. Mostly it was quiet, slow, family time – that said there was a lot of noise by the Fox and Poppy but it was just the noise of our little family.

Last weekend I was down in Melbourne, just me!!!  For some very much needed ‘Rachel Time’.  I caught up with some super special friends, kissed the heads of four beautiful new babies and managed to get out to the Grace Kelly exhibition in Bendigo.

Surprisingly I didn’t miss the babes. I thought of them often but I didn’t pine for them or feel sad that I wasn’t with them.  I spoke with them on the phone, thought about them when I saw a tram or a digger, or something else I would have pointed out to them.  It was really good for me to have the space just for me and I will do it again… the not too distant future.


One thought on “family time

  1. i’m still so disappointed I missed you 😦 the kids got worse after that weekend so it was definitely best not to spread the germs.. good for you for taking time out, I have needed it too lately, but have had to take it in little snippets, here and there. paul has been very patient with my short fuse.. am booking some flights to mum and dad’s for the first fortnight back to school – an extra long break is needed! plus we can’t afford to fly during the school holidays.. poppy looks like the spit of you in the last photo x

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