This weekend we had this…..

…followed by a quick stop at a couple of garage sales.  I love a good garage sale, it might be the thrill of a real bargain, or the excitement of the lucky dip experience.  I don’t look them up in the paper I am just an opportunity shopper, if I see good signs and the timing is right I will follow the signs and drop in.  Yesterday I dropped in to two garage sales and walked away with all this loot…………..

The leather bag was a whopping $5 – and someone else has done all the hard work and worn it in for me.  It needs a good lick of leather conditioner and it did need new lining but I got to that last night and whipped up a new interior complete with pockets for pens, my phone and a zipper pocket

We’ve had a lovely weekend, I’ve been especially lucky as I have had time with a friend and time with my sewing machine making little people clothes, repairing bits and pieces.  Yippie!!!  I hope your week ahead is smooth and enjoyable as possible.


4 thoughts on “loot

    • Yes our suburb – I don’t think I’ve ever bought clothes at a garage sale but this was full of great clothes!

  1. You are just far too talented for your own good! Look at that beautiful fabric you used for the lining. Nice work. I sat down the other day to do some sewing to find my sewing machine was decidedly unobliging. It was a great tragedy. Good to see ballet lessons are still on the go. Looking very serious indeed. Not even Olive has ballet slippers!

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