sick little babes

Babes tucked in bed, Phew!  Second sleep for both today and they were out to it by 6.30pm.   That is uncommon around these parts.
Little Fox has something nasty he is struggling to walk, shuffled around on his bottom for the morning cause his legs were just too sore.  I took him to the doctor, they were great and agreed to see Foxy even though they were fully booked and we were not one of their patients!  The doctor says it is a virus, he just needs to ride it out.  Poor baby he couldn’t get down from the lounge and needed to be carried around, just so different from his usually racing about self.   Poppy was vomiting last night, all over me…….twice!  She appears to be much better today she only ate a little but no vomits, that is worth celebrating!
I feel I’ve got the flu, low-grade right now I just hope it doesn’t get worse.  Fingers crossed!
I hope we all Sleep Yummy!!

5 thoughts on “sick little babes

  1. Oh no!!! That is disastrous!!! How awful. Poppy starts childcare orientation and bam! Always the way. Sounds like one helluva virus though, such a shocker. I hope you all did sleep. And that babes are sleeping now. xxoo

    • Yes they slept for over 3 hours today and I woke them, worried they may struggle to go down at 7, but no such problem both out to it straight away. Foxy can walk today and isn’t in too much pain so probably a 24-36 hr bug. Only a bit worried because they had different bugs that they may swap bugs.

      Hope your settling into your new home, so sorry I couldn’t drop around a meal on wed, you wouldn’t have wanted anything I cooked that day for fear of contamination.

  2. Oh no!!! I know understand the “germ” reference in your email!!! I really hope you get better soon 😦 Take care x

  3. Hello Lucas and Isla

    We are sorry to hear that you are feeling poorly. We also have flu at the moment so we understand a little bit what it is like for you. It’s good to have a soft bed to snuggle up into

    Lots of love from Grandpa W and Reshma

  4. You poor chooks. May you all be on the mend soon. Hope it’s not what’s been going around these parts. Starts with a sore stomach and ends with body aches. Weird, but all over in 36hours.

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