thank you, thank you, thank you

Fox is so so much better.  This morning he said he was still feeling sick, but that was only so he could watch TV!  TV is not a regular in our house in the mornings unless, as they have worked out someone is sick, or I am absolutely wiped out from a lack of sleep or solo parenting.  Poppy is still not 100% she was up every 2 hours last night……which of course meant I was too!
Marco arrived home yesterday evening, which really helped us all pep-up.  He had been in country Victoria and Melbourne for work.  It’s never good timing for him to be away but with sick babes it was even harder without him around, he is such a great Dad and wel all missed his presence greater than we normally would have.
Which brings me to the purpose of this post.  We’ve been in Canberra for eight months and I have made some wonderful, wonderful friends in that time.  Yesterday we had not one but two friends drop around soup and supplies to keep us sustained and nourished.
I feel a little overwhelmed and incredibly grateful thank you, thank you, thank you for caring for us in this way.  It is nearly impossible with all of us sick to prepare anything more than toast, so this was just the perfect gesture THANK YOU!!

2 thoughts on “thank you, thank you, thank you

  1. aww poppy looks so sad 😦 I am so so glad to hear lucas has picked up, it is just THE pits! and to do it alone.. you must be emotionally and physically exhausted. I hope you all manage lots of rest and relaxation this weekend. I am so glad you have made some beautiful friends in your new home x

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