a little more furniture to revamp

I recently found this on the side of the road.   I had hoped, perhaps vainly, that it would fit in the small space between Poppy’s bed and the wardrobe, alas it doesn’t.  I knew it wouldn’t if the truth be known but I found it hard to leave it by the side of the road.  To my eyes this baby has so much potential.  Just imagine what it would look like yellow, or acid green, or a bright peach, with new handles!!?!  …. ahhh, beautiful, it would be beautiful…..for those who can’t see it in a bright happy shade let me assure you it would be beautiful and full of fun!

Try as I might there is just nowhere in our little rental to squeeze this tiny cupboard so, a little reluctantly, I offered it to a friend who is keen to try her talented hand at a spot of furniture renovation.  She jumped at the offer and I will deliver it to her this week!  I’m not sure yellow or acid green are colours Ros would choose for her home but I know she will make it look beautiful – I’ll ask her for an ‘after’ photo

In what I could call a little roadside Karma I subsequently spied this……….

and before you could say, “Your babies are sick keep driving” I had popped it into the back of our large boot (thank goodness for large car boots).  I think it will complement these nicely.  I can imagine it being a table holding; drinks or party food, BBQ’s and salads.  It too needs a splash of colour, can you guess what colour it will become?

In other news about furniture renovations we have made a great deal of progress on this project it’s all painted just waiting for us to purchase shelving.  I hope to show you the finished product within the next fortnight.  That is if Poppy gets better, she is still sick poor baby, she is sleeping soundly now but when she isn’t asleep she is attached to me like a cling-on.


2 thoughts on “a little more furniture to revamp

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  2. I have removed the door as the top split!!! Thinking it is going to be dark grey with yellow inside or wallpaper inside… it will be my bedside table so I can return one chair to the dining room:-)

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