being loved

I love my family with every bit of myself, I love them so much.  It gives me insight, to know how much my mum loves me.

After mum died there was one women who opened her heart to me in the greatest way.  There were people who showed great kindness, but one women has been especially wonderful a standout.

In the weeks after mum died, Di flew from regional NSW to Melbourne and stayed with us for a full seven day week. She cooked, cleaned, cuddled my babies, cuddled me and loved me in a way that I so craved.  Since that time the wonderful Di has consistently called to check in on me and the babies.  She and her husband came to visit us shortly after we moved to Canberra and she has sent packages to my children, little treats that excite them and me, she’s dropped flowers on my mother’s grave on my behalf.  She has never tried to be my mum, she has acted as a caring older women and I love her deeply for loving and caring for me, my sister and my babes.

Di was our neighbour, I still remember the first time we met, I was about 10.  Di had two children, the elder the same age as my sister who has been Jess’s long term friend ever since. Di’s little girl was just a baby when they moved next door.  It was then that Di and her great husband Geoff became so super special in our lives.  They were at our wedding, they were constant supports to all our family during the highs and the lows of mum’s battle with cancer and her long drawn out death.

I sometimes get stuck feeling disappointed, or sad that mum’s family have let me down time and time again.  Di reminds me I am loved, her actions reminds me love doesn’t always come from where we expect it too. I am so grateful.

This week I was again reminded that I am we are loved by Di and Geoff.  Di sent a parcel for the kids, it came after our week of sickness.

Thank you beautiful friend, thank you for your love, your kindness, your friendship. You are very special to me, to all of us.  You have been there consistently and in the most perfect ways. We love you too!


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