Friends from Melbourne flew up to visit over the weekend.  The four kids played beautifully for each of the three full days.  They were busy, loud, and crazy happy to be together again.  They played, jumped on beds, danced, sang, built train tracks, dressed up, drew and coloured to their heart’s content.  It was really lovely to see our friends.  We spent hours one day at Tidbinbilla nature reserve.  When Poppy realised that they were gone and not coming back she cried.

There was some good news I could give her.  We had a phone call the same day from Di’s son Wes and his wife Kel.  They had planed to visit friends in Canberra however they were not able to stay with them as the friends were sick, we were rapt they came to stay with us instead.  Fortunately we just had time to wash the linen and make up the bed again before they arrived.

So we’ve had a week of visitors.  It was fun and we throughly enjoyed it but it is great to have our space back.  There were missed day sleeps, there were a few late nights not to mention the excitement of special people to be entrained and played with.   So now the kids and I can sleep a little more and play more quietly, which is just what we did today.


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