the muppet show

After a stormy night with very scared kids resulting in little sleep I was tired all morning, it’s been a week of poor sleep for me.  I had the kind of tiredness where you just want to tuck yourself into bed and sleep all afternoon.   And that is just what I did once Poppy went down for her afternoon sleep so did I.  Lucas happily tucked up with the babysitter, AKA TV, for an hour.

Refuelled for the afternoon, I was determined to just be with the kids, and do whatever they wanted, except watch more TV.

After her sleep Poppy donned her new, hand me down, Dora PJ’s, Fox made “muppets” other people might call them “puppets”, and the kids played with their new ($2- from a garage sale) “Muppet show”.

Fox   “Now I have three muppets but only two hands……oh…”  He worked out he’d just use two at a time!

Fox’s opening of the Muppet show “Ladies and Gentlemen, boys and girls, cats and dogs……..” where does he get this stuff it’s priceless?!

Of course the muppet show was family friendly, Poppy bought her babies along and audience participation was encouraged.


2 thoughts on “the muppet show

  1. You are such a good mum, Rachel.

    I have an afternoon kip most afternoons when Banjo goes for his sleep.
    It’s the only way I can get through until bedtime.
    Love the photos and stories.

    • Oh Jess your so kind. I hope your and your babes are well can you believe that Olive will be at school next year, I feel teary when I think Fox will be. hugs xx

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