Industrial shelving reno

Braving the cold Fox thought the goggles would protect his eyes from the electric sander and the dust it produces.  I had a great day, I sanded a large old cupboard we bought for $40 about 9 months ago.  Aahhhem it feels like it’s taken forever just to get this project started.  I feel a great sense of achievement, you know that Yippie kind of feeling!.

Now I have to choose the paint colour, that might take a little time!  Then it will be home to my sewing stash (I’m not the only one updating a home for sewing gear).  The gentleman’s wardrobe is one I painted a couple of years ago, is just too small to fit everything (sewing machine, fabrics, knitting, and all the other bits n bobs so the new cupboard will take the place of this one, and will be a happy bright colour.  I’ll post a photo once it’s complete.

Back in April I picked up this from the side of the road you may remember, and a couple of weeks ago I promised it would be completed within the fortnight.   Another reason for my Yippie feeling today is that it is finished……….  

I stripped the unit with the kids help. Marco painted it in Black Wattyl Killrust.  We didn’t want to spend much on it.  Marco picked up the ply board from Bunnings, and painted it with Danish Oil.  We had the paint and the oil already, the timber cost under $30-.          The only disappointing thing is that it won’t fit in this little rental, so for now it will grace our garage.


2 thoughts on “Industrial shelving reno

  1. Hello my lovely,
    I feel like i cheat because i subscribe and get lots of your news!! I know, I haven’t done measurements for you!! Still haven’t! Just hoping you are coming to Sydney next weekend? We fly in Friday, home Sunday morning..let me know? Love to see you all, most specially the cherubs!
    Love Love Emma

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