so many questions

Fox has been talking about the Titanic for weeks, he has asked me every possible question, one hundred times.  He says “just tell me again about the Titanic” when I tell him that I have told him everything I know he just wants to hear the story again and asks more and more details.

I have a list of questions that Fox asks, I write them down when I don’t know the answers.  On the list at the moment are:  “Why are giants really big, why are people really small and why are ants even smaller?” “How do we get wind?”, “what do tadpoles eat?” the list goes on and on and on.  I write the question down so that we can google it to find the answer.  But with the questions about the Titanic I didn’t write them down instead I promised we’d borrow a book all about the Titanic from the library.  Today we found three at our local library, with great diagrams and information, we have read one already.

It feels good to hold a book and read, to look at the pictures. There are so many answers there for him and for me too.  It is good to look in places other than the computer.

I was a grump today, for a good part of the day and for no good reason. I just woke up that way.  I hate feeling grumpy, it makes the day grey and dull, even though it wasn’t. We did some lovely things together and the kids were great.  Aren’t we lucky that the promise of a new day allows us to start over again.


One thought on “so many questions

  1. I remember when Olive asked ‘where does the wind come from?’. Such innocent questions. You wonder how much they take in… ‘atmospheric pressure blah blah blah blah blah blah’. ‘What’s atmospheric pressure?’. ‘Well that’s when hot air moves…’. ‘I’m hungry.’

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