loving it up

So much love in our space today.  You may recall we share the best part of our day over dinner, Fox asks each of us what was the best part of our day.  It was easy for me to think of my best thing today…….   When I got out of bed this morning the kids were crafting it up on the dinning room table, Fox hopped down and came over handed me a small paper collage saying “This is for you Mama because you are the greatest Mum in the world, and the coolest Mum in the world”. Ohhhhhhhh!! What an awesome way to start the day.    I wrote it down word for word straight away so I couldn’t forget exactly what he said.

He is so affectionate. He was saying all day the wanted to be my best friend forever, and that he will love me forever and ever.  When we look at each other it’s him who leans in and says how much he loves me, and then gives me a big smooch.  I had always hoped to have children who were affectionate, I love to cuddle and squeeze and kiss and I have been blessed with children who want to give me that too.  I hope we all continue to be affectionate with each other forever.

One of my great hopes as a parent is to foster positive relationships, such that when our children have grown up and left home they will still want to spend time with us.  I have a few fantastic models of this in my own life and I find it inspiring.


One thought on “loving it up

  1. LIttle kids can be so divine. Today I picked up one of Olive’s (4year old) friends from kinder and he came back to our place for a little while. When his mum arrived to pick him up he went over to her, grabbed her hand and said ‘come, my princess. I want to show you something’. So beautiful.

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