Lamp update

I picked up this lamp for $4 at a garage sale, it was sweet but boring. I really liked the timber stand.  Poppy claimed it as hers the minute I walked in the door.  This week I covered the shade with an Anna Maria Horner fabric teamed with purple bias.  The original shade was trimmed with cream bias, so I didn’t think anything of using purple, however it is a little pale and in some places the blue fabric underneath can be seen.  If I were to do it again I would make bias from the covering fabric.  Otherwise Poppy and I are very happy with it.

When the babes and I were out for a walk this week we found this lamp stand below. I think it is crying our for a lick of coloured paint and most definitely a new shade.  Poppy isn’t claiming it at this stage…..


4 thoughts on “Lamp update

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  2. That is one awesome job on that lamp! Very nice work indeed.
    I can’t believe you found that standard lamp stand on the road.
    How many hours do you wander for each week to find such treasures?

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