little crafters

Our pattern is usually morning craft and inside activities, afternoon out doors, in part because it is so bloody cold here in the mornings.  Today I didn’t have the energy to get outside even to go to our local trampoline or park, so we crafted all afternoon, by dinner the table was covered in crafting paraphernalia it was easier and more fun to eat our dinner on the floor, we will  do it again.  As a bonus the table is now ready for tomorrow morning craft!


2 thoughts on “little crafters

  1. AND.. in response to your questions about the kids’ chairs, I bought them on ebay. I got one for $40 and the other for $20. I actually found an identical one to Cole’s in Savers for $7 (!!) when Eliot was a baby and thought perhaps I should buy it and keep in the garage for when he needs one.. then I thought keeping it in the garage for nearly 2yrs might be seen as hoarding..??!! haha so I left it there.. but am keeping my eyes peeled again! x

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