saturday was day one….

One reason last weekend was great was I spent Saturday with photographer Tim Coulson and a lovely group of people at The Nursery.  Tim, Kesh and Roo opened their home for this event.  They were generous and open sharing with us the tools and insights that Tim has used to become such a great photographer.  It was a privilege to be there. Many, many thanks!

I have no ambition to use photography for anything more than photos of my family and loved ones – the best reason for taking photos I guess!  I’m wrapped to start this new journey of learning how to use my camera to capture beauty and emotion!  As Tim said Saturday is day one of hundreds of days of thousands of photos.


3 thoughts on “saturday was day one….

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  2. Beautiful pics, Rachel. It was so good to meet you on the weekend. I look forward to checking out more of your photos in this lovely space x Greer x PS I am still secretly coveting your gorgeous green coat x

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