fruit salad for the loved ones

Marco and I were in our bedroom talking. The kids had recently left us there alone.  We heard it all unfold.  Fox announces “Poppy I’m going to make fruit salad, want to help”….. we hear drawers open and close, the fridge is opened, next the sound of a punnet of strawberries being opened…then silence….followed by more rather non-discript noises.

Fox: “Banana in my bowl Poppy and in Daddo’s but not for you or Mama cause you hate it….I’ll chop Poppy and you put it in the bowls.”   Then he calls happily down the hallway “I’m making fruit salad…. for everyone!”

All by himself he cut an apple, pear, punnet of strawberries, banana and popped them neatly into bowls, roughly equal quarters for each of us.  He struggled with and gave up on the orange.

And I must say that it was all delicious!  Delicious to hear him working confidently and without adult help in the kitchen. Delicious to see the mess and watch him clear it away! And deliciously special to eat that fruit salad lovingly prepared by our four year old boy, who within three weeks was our five year old boy!!

This all unfolded back in early September and only now am I moving it out of drafts and onto the next….why is it all taking me so long??


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