small and very very special

I have been sick. A long, long bout of illness.  I am a doer, I’ve always got a project on the go, and a long list of more projects and to do’s.  Mark and I knew I was really, really sick when all those projects and jobs I did on a daily basis just stopped. All that was done was the absolute essentials: ensuring the kids were fed, Fox dropped at Pre School (with lunch) and children put to bed most days after having a bath.  I spent the days in bed, on the lounge and between the two. It was an awful, awful, awful four months of feeling like absolute rubbish all day and all night…. I wasn’t depressed, but I did get pretty blue after the first two months. I’ve not been that sick in the past and I hope never to be that sick again.

I am so so fortunate my illness is one that provides our family with the greatest and most precious wonderful gifts in the world…a new life!  Our precious babe is due first week in March!  Fox and Poppy are so excited, Poppy reports almost daily that there is a baby in Mummy’s tummy – according to Poppy it’s called baby Milo.  She says “Mama’s birthday, Christmas, My birthday and then the baby will come out of your tummy”. The kids are as excited as Mark and I.

There were complications and additional tests required after the 12 week scan.  It was a tough time.  We had to wait for the additional tests at 16 weeks then an additional three weeks before we got the results.  So it was not until 19-20 weeks that we were given the all clear our baby is, but by the grace of god, healthy and growing well.

I’m now 24 weeks, rapt to be feeling well again and now over the deep fatigue, and back, I’m so glad to say, into my projects.  Most of all I am grateful to be able to be a mother, to carry and birth a healthy baby.   The last few months have been hard, really hard at times and have given me such great perspective.


5 thoughts on “small and very very special

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  3. Me too Jess! Love love to you all, Massi is in L.O.V.E love with his pj’s..put them on straight away, I’m so excited for another gorgeous H-D can’t wait to see you April! Take care gorgeous lady xxx Em

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