These photos tell me a story – they provide a record of what we got up to during my early pregnancy when I was just so, so sick.  Despite taking significantly fewer photos than normal I have captured mundane and special moments, like babysitting the pre-school chickens during the holidays, visits to the park, visits to farm animals, writing, dancing, playing and being together.

Today I was feeling like I hadn’t been spending as much time with my kids as I ‘should’, the intentional sort of time.  I was feeling like I ‘should’ be getting Foxy more prepared for school by spending more time reading and writing with him, teaching him more of the fundamentals.  And as I began to put a post together about some of the activities that we’d engaged in during the time I was sick I began to feel differently.  The photos not only reminded me of what we have been up to during the months of my morning sickness, but also that I am well connected with the kids, that in fact I have spent a lot of time with the little Fox practicing on his writing and most importantly for me that I have spent a lot of time with my babes just being and doing the activities they they enjoy.  Sometimes I can be hard on myself expecting more of myself, but when I look with more clarity (yes photos can provide that) I can see I am actually meeting a lot of their developmental needs a lot of the time.

Ahhh the challenges of being a mother, being gentle on one’s self is such an important lesson to keep practicing.


One thought on “gentle

  1. so very true rachel, something we must continually practice! it is true we never see ourselves the way others see us – to me you are such a whole, earthy, grounded mama, doing everything with and for your little ones – I could never think of you doubting that. these photos show just that – and to do it all through that horrible sickness, amazing x

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