furniture reno #2

wardrobe and lamp renosew stash

It took me so much longer than I had hoped, and longer than it normally would thanks to that long bout of morning sickness and fatigue.  Finally some of my furniture projects are complete, well almost I’m still looking for a door handle for this cupboard.  I picked it up on ebay for $40, striped it back, painted it in Porters Paints Coconut Milk, cut new shelves and TA-DA!  No before photos unfortunately.  It replaces this gentleman’s wardrobe which unfortunately right from its update wasn’t large enough to hold all my sewing gear.  The lamp in photo 1 was a roadside pick up and is much happier now than before.

I had planned to paint the cupboard a bright happy colour, but found it hard to choose a colour not knowing where it will ultimately reside when we buy our own home.  At least with a white base coat anything is possible. And at least it is complete and holding all my sewing gear!! Yippie.  Feels very satisfying.

There are a couple more projects filling my garage they are almost complete except for hardware.  Hopefully I can post a photo of the completed projects soon, I think the handles are waiting for me to collect from the post office, so I’m off to collect first thing Monday.


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