farewell pre school

last day of pre schoolPre school (or for those in Victoria Kinda) finished for Fox forever.  It was a fantastic year for him, he was loved, nurtured, coached, and allowed to be a four year old – turning five year old – to play, craft, paint, create to his heart’s content.

It was by default that we ended up at Reid Pre School.  It is not our closest pre school and when I had initially tired to enrol in our closest I was told classes were full.  I was happy with Reid from the beginning.  The teachers were fantastic with the kids and the parents and siblings, the grounds were beautiful, there are chickens to boot.  And as the year progressed I quickly realised that we were in fact incredibly fortunate to have missed a place in the closest pre school to us, because where we ended up was pure gold.

Lucas’s behaviour over the last few weeks was unlike his normal self, he was more antagonistic towards Poppy, whinging more, and getting very upset by minor things.  I put it down to tiredness, end of the year and lots of ‘doing’ time we had as a family, rather than being time at home.

This morning when choosing a dress up outfit for the last day of pre school Fox cried and cried when I insisted he could not wear a particular pair of shorts as they were filthy.  The crying seemed unreasonable and out of character. It continued for 20 minutes, and then when lying in bed with me he articulated that he didn’t want pre-school to finish.  He didn’t want today to be the last day.  I just listened and empathised, I don’t want pre-school to finish either!

My beautiful boy cried for at least an hour, he clearly had deep emotions that he needed to express.  This was the first time he has cried like this, so long and so hard.  And while I still needed to get organised for pre-school I feel I gave value to his emotions, nurtured him and somehow managed to get him to pre-school for the family farewell party.

He cried when we arrived and was clingy then regained his normal happy candour and was off to eat and play, dressed up as superman albeit with the ‘wrong’ shorts.

I am sad too.  Sad that we have come to the end of a wonderful pre-school year, sad to be saying goodbye to great caring teachers!  And perhaps most sad of all that next year our little Fox will be at school five days a week!  I am happy for him, happy he was able to identify his feelings, pleased he was able to express his feelings though his tears and for as long as he needed, and blessed to have that beautiful boy teach me how to be an in-tune parent (at least some of the time).   I’ve not doubt that he will relish school. Most of his pre-school will be there so he transitions with a lovely group of kids and I with an equally lovely cohort of parents.


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