get into the photos girl

I had hoped and expected I would write more about my growing baby, about what I was feeling or experiencing along this pregnancy.  I kept a journal for each of our first babes.  With notes about what was happening in our lives, a few photos of my growing tummy, any hiccup’s or joys along the way.

I am not sure if it was busyness that meant I didn’t write specific baby related posts, or due to our early pregnancy concerns the fact I didn’t mention my pregnancy until week 24 or any other number of reasons.  I’m a little disappointed that I didn’t write more and ask for photos to be taken of my growing belly, just as a record for our baby, oh and me of course.  I’m glad that there is this blog record of some of the family doings during the time of my pregnancy, and still time to get some of those aforementioned pregnancy photos.

There are just a handful of photos of me, as I am the primary taker of photos in our home.  I do see the value in making sure I am in more they form such an important record and I love looking back at photos from my family of origin especially photos of Mum and I.

Mama's growing belly OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAMy sister Jess traveled to our childhood home of Armidale NSW to be with Graham our stepfather over Christmas, post his operation.

She and her lovely friend Ingrid drove from Melbourne, which meant an overnight stopover with us in Canberra.  One night just prior to Christmas and one night shortly after Christmas on their return to Melbourne.  It wasn’t long enough with her, but wonderful to have her around for any length of time, and it facilitated one of those family photo opportunities.  If only the kids were more compliant…tongue out, or hiding from the camera (not a normal occurrence for Poppy).  At least there is a record of that precious time, the belly, my gorgeous sister, and of course Lucas’s tongue.


One thought on “get into the photos girl

  1. Yes, very important for the kids to have a record of their mum (and dad). I also struggle to get into the photos as I take them myself, but I figure at least there are one or two of me. You’re kids will have a well documented life, no doubt (especially with this blog). Might I say, you are looking amazing. I think the tongue poking and camera shy photo is absolutely perfect. It really capture’s the moment; and so lovely to finally see a photo of your sister. Strong family resemblance. I recently met a friend of my brother’s and the first thing she said was ‘you look just like your brother’. It occurred to me that it was about time I grew my hair. Take care, Rachel. When is the lucky number three joining us all? x

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