first school shoesSize 29, ecco Junior Arlanda, black, leather, light weight, strong support – them’s the facts about these shoes.  The feelings that came as we bought them for Fox today were very mixed.  I could have cried, I didn’t, but I felt sadness, I felt proud of the little person he is and I felt happy for him feeling excited and happy about his new school shoes. It is an interesting mix of excitement for him on his new adventure and sadness for me as he ventures off into the big, wide, wonderful world of school.

I hadn’t planned on buying school shoes this early in the year, but when I popped into Shoes and Socks last week, on a recognisance mission sans kids, the savvy shop assistant showed me the goods and suggested I come back in soon as the smaller sizes and narrower sizes go quickly and they are not able to guarantee they can get more.  I have committed that tip to memory and I will buy my kids school shoes in early January from now on so I can be sure they will get the best shoe to fit their narrow, little, feet.  Finding shoes that fit my kids and offer support has been really difficult.



2 thoughts on “29

  1. oh lovely, we bought ruby’s today.. just she and I, first collecting her uniform from the school uniform shop, and then onto the shops to get milk, and just have a look at shoe prices… we left with her shiny, black, leather mary janes. she wore them all afternoon and then put them back on after her bath with her pjs. I want to be excited with her, I really do.. but I’m with you, there is far more sadness for me about this huge, impending adventure, than joy xxx

  2. I literally just bought Jimis first pair of school shoes too. About 20 mins ago. I thought I would be sad about the whole school thing but I’m actually super excited!!! We had to go a bit bigger than size 29 though. Size 3!!!!

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