passing days


Yesterday was a disaster of a day, I was cross about poor customer service we receive from our real estate agent.  I’ve been waiting in excess of two months for a key for our bedroom window!!!  Really is it that hard to organise a stinking key?  Or to return one of my many phone calls? Grrrr.  The rumblings of my deep frustration with Maloney’s and a number of other rubbish customer service providers clouded my day, I was grumpy, tired from lack of sleep and I didn’t have the same tolerance for my kids behaviour.

I think the kids might have got out on the wrong side of the bed, like I had.  They were exceptionally whiney, stroppy, and goading each other.  Don’t get me wrong, they do that to each other but yesterday was a day of particularly poor behaviour.

Today was lovely, really lovely.  Poppy sat with me stacking cotton reels while I sewed.  Poppy accompanied me to the optometrist while I chose a new pair of glasses, she was happy and relaxed…. so was I.  Lucas was out much of the day at a School Holiday Program run by his big school, on the school grounds.  I thought given his deep sadness at leaving pre-school he might benefit from some time on his school grounds meeting other kids and getting used to the school environment.  I’m hoping it helps his transition to school. He seems unsettled at the moment, not his easy-going self lately.  I’ve tried to talk with him about it, carefully, without asking leading questions. For now I am just trying to listen and open with his needs and gentle in response to him.


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