toxic free cosmetics and cleaning


For at least five years I have been extremely cautious about what products I use on my body and in and around my home, spurred on at least in part by my mother’s health concerns.  I am passionate about our health and about the health of the world, but I don’t want to be a zealot or pushy, this is what is right for us – it may not be for others.

The Age online had an interesting article which has prompted this post.

Consumers are exposed to potentially unsafe chemicals in cosmetic and beauty products because (a) it is difficult for us to understand what is in the products and (b) we trust that regulators of the products on the Australian shelves will ensure they have been tested and are safe.  Yet there are numerous products which have been banned in the EU and US but not in Australia, this is true for in the Beauty Industry.

Safe Cosmetics Australia have published an online toxic free list but it is in it’s infancy so watch that space for things to come.

A friend recently asked me what products I use here is a list of what is currently being used in our home;

  • The Jojoba company 100%  Natural Australian Jojoba – best moisturiser
  • The Jojoba company 100%  Natural Makeup Remover
  • Inika Pure Primer certified organic
  • Inika Mineral Foundation
  • Inika lipstick and lip gloss
  • Lucas’s Papaw Ointment (for everything lips, cuticles, cuts, bruises, nappy rash etc)
  • Jason Apricot Deodorant (I’ve found it hard to find a good deodorant and I will continue to look, but this is ok for now)
  • Red Seal Natural Health Herbal and Mineral Toothpaste (Woollies stock it)
  • Jack n Jill Natural Toothpaste – for kids.  This might be my most valued product. Warnings on standard toothpaste packaging state children shouldn’t swallow, try as I might I couldn’t stop my kids from swallowing toothpaste.  This product can be swallowed and the kids love each of the 5 flavours. It has encouraged tooth brushing in our house.
  • Al’chAkinemy Shampoo & Conditioner (beautiful product but is a bit pricy)
  • Biologika Shampoo & Conditioner also nice and much cheaper than Al’chemy
  • Sukin for a range of products from moisturisers, facial scrubs, hand creams, cleansers
  • Akin & Melrose liquid soaps are lovely (though are a treat not an everyday item). I buy a range of soaps from health food shops or markets.  Checking they are Sulphate and Paraben free.
  • Inika mascara which unfortunately I can’t recommend.  Ere Perez mascara, has been suggested to me, they also offer an organic range of cosmetics
  • wotnot make great baby wipes but I’ve not found them stocked in our local supermarkets, Naty is a good alternative and stocked by most supermarket

I am still using up old products many of which will contain chemical additives, when I have finished a product its replacement will be toxic free.

Sunscreen is another product which has had a great deal of discussion as to whether nano-particles used in many sunscreens could actually be harming our skin.  I am
currently looking for alternatives.

The cleaning of the house is also toxic free.  We did outlay some money for some enjo products about three years ago, which I find fantastic. The initial cost has paid for itself over and over.  I also use essential oils, bicarb soda and vinegar for cleaning.  eco store or earth choice are used in the kitchen and laundry.

After all that virtuous cleaning of the outside of my body and the inside of my home I need a coffee.


2 thoughts on “toxic free cosmetics and cleaning

  1. Loving the increase in postings Rach! I’m completely with you on the chemicals especially cleaning. A good tip a friend gave me with makeup remover is to use olive oil, Italian of course! Her Mum has used it for over 4″ years and has gorgeous skin at 80! I use it now, it’s cheap, chemical free, doesn’t hurt your eyes if it gets in and feels lovely on your skin! Xx can’t wait to see you all. Xxx E

  2. Hey rach, we pretty much use what you what you have included. I’m a massive fan of Eco store – I’ve been ordering it from nz before they sold it readily in aust.

    Try natural instinct sunscreen. We’ve been using that since we had iris. It’s thick which is yuk, you really have to rub it in. I warm it in my hands first, seems to thin it, the n apply

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