two and technology

I was in the living room, Poppy in the soon to be baby’s room which is still home to the computer and sewing machine.  Then I heard Justine Clarke singing ‘Doin’ It’ from the sound track ‘Songs To Make You Smile’.  I would not have thought anything of it if there were a CD player in the room, the kids are well versed at loading a CD and turning on the player……no this was different.

Poppy who turns three next month, had got onto our Mac computer opened iTunes scrolled through all the CD’s covers and chosen Justine Clarke’s ‘Songs To Make You Smile’ turned it on and was dancing when I came down the hallway.  She was all smiles’ she had made a significant achievement all on her own.

turning on iTunes She is so scrummy that girl of ours.  A skinny little slip of a girl full of beans, a snuggler, a smoocher, a tease and oh so, so cute.

Her favourite song at the moment is one of Justine Clarke’s ‘The Gumtree Family’ from the album ‘I like to Sing’.  Poppy sings it over and over, not always getting the words right, much to Foxy’s disapproval, he is perhaps a little more of a perfectionist.


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