sweet things

Lucas's super slide creation


This week is intensive swim school for our two water babes at the Dickson pool.  Poppy’s first formal swimming lessons and she really enjoys it.  She kissed her teacher Sophie today when it was time to say good-bye.

We scooted off to Lucas’s old pre school as we are feeding the chicken’s for a couple of weeks during the holidays. Oh I wish we had our own chickens.  Poppy loves them so much, they bring her so much joy and she could easily spend the whole day with them, I am not sure the chickens love Poppy, to be honest I think they are sick of her picking them up for cuddles.

Arriving home for lunch and crafting, inside time during the hottest part of the day.  Today we made Plaster of Paris molds, tomorrow we will paint them.  By 4pm they were outside again. Lucas building a super slide, playing with water filled balloons and hosing each other down with peals of laughter and shouts of joy and excitement.

I was so tired this evening after Marco arrived home I took myself off to bed.  I couldn’t sleep though lay there with my eyes were closed.  Poppy came down to check on me  thinking I was asleep she kissed me gently on the arm, and then kissed my baby belly before quietly leaving the room.

Oh the sweet things. How fortunate we are to have two spirited, energetic, loving children – soon to be three!


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