finishing off and using up

I love to finish things; the last bit of tooth paste, the last fruit in the fruit bowl, seeds, paint, moisturiser, thread on the spool the list goes on.  Finishing something and throwing away or better still recycling the packaging, it just feels good.

I have a box of fabric scraps, many of which belonged to my beautiful Mum.  I didn’t want to toss them but I really don’t want to move house again with a box of scrap fabrics.  In the weeks prior to Christmas I decided I’d cover my baby sick cloths/burp cloth.  I tend to use hand towels as I need the absorbance of terry towelling but prefer the smaller size to that of a nappy.

Fabric scraps to the rescue refreshing the hand towels, fulfilling my need to sew and my love of using things up.  Win/Win/Win!!! baby sick cloths

Way back in October I covered our baby rocking chair, it was a hand me down from some very special friends.  Fox and Poppy had both used it and at least three babies prior to mine.  The original cover was a repeat picture of Winnie the Pooh, I am not a fan of Disney or other branded children’s merchandise especially when there is so much beautiful fabric on the market, and for that matter in my sewing cupboard.

Once again scraps to the rescue, I recovered the rocker.  I had thought of recovering it when Fox was born and again before Poppy but I didn’t think the work required was worth the effort, however it really was much easier than I anticipated.  And if I do say so myself it looks pretty cute.

baby rocker

I have been behind the sewing machine a lot lately.  Once I started to feel well again as the morning sickness and fatigue subsided I hit the sewing machine in ernest.  In part because I had missed sewing and in part because I thought it would be hard to carve out sewing time once the babe arrives, oh and not to mention what has been the sewing room/study/spare room will now be the baby’s room I will no longer have a permanent space set up for sewing.

I have made five pair of PJ pants for myself, some from vintage sheets, some from Mum’s fabrics.  All of which are super comfy and I think cool enough to be lounge pants.  I made a  new doona cover for Poppy’s bed, 95% of the fabrics were in my stash, I only needed to buy the edging fabric. Of course I had paid for the other fabrics some time in the past but it felt satisfying to part with only a small amount of money to complete this project.poppy's quiltPoppy’s baby carrier was a Christmas gift I made out of fabric’s from Mum, that way it feels like it is for her from my Mum and I know she would have made that sort of thing for our children.  Poppy loves it, uses it most days (the pattern is from the ‘Oliver and S little things to sew’ pattern book)!  I’m certain once the baby comes along and is carried in a sling or the ergo, Poppy will be beside me carrying one of her babies around in her own little pouch.

baby pouch

I am conscious that Poppy gets more handmade items that Fox, I find it easier to a) think of and b) sew things that I think she will like. I am conscious I want to sew more for Fox, so kids size messenger bag to the rescue, and once again I used up fabric in my stash …oh so satisfying to be using it!  Foxy loves it and Marco does too, he says he wants one in his size!Foxy's messenger bag

I’ve made other bits and pieces for myself and the kids but I’ll draw the line on my show and tell fest here.  The sewing has been so good for me, a real sense of achievement not to mention totally enjoyable and because I have a large stash of fabrics (paid for in the past) it has cost me very little.  Of course I’ve more projects I’d like to compete before I pack the machine away, five and a half weeks till the baby is due and the room converts from mine to theirs.


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