first day


first day

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAMy first baby, his first day of big school.  The waiting is over, the anticipation of this day built over the holiday period for both Fox and myself.  Sunday, his first really school night, we snuggled in bed he told me he was excited about starting school tomorrow.  This morning there was no rushing about getting ready, I don’t think we will have too much rushing in the mornings given my two are such early risers. Foxy was dressed in his uniform before I emerged from the bedroom, he wore his apron eating breakfast, most sensible for a five year old.  He and I walked to school holding hands and chatting happily.

Marco and Poppy met us at school, where we were warmly welcomed by staff and guided to what would be Foxy’s first classroom.  Entering the classroom as a family, Fox was first to be greeted by his teacher, then Poppy and Marco and I.  It was only a matter of moments after entering the room that I felt a great surge of emotions and the tears fell warm on my cheek.  I slipped out discreetly leaving my boy with his Dad and sister to explore the room that will hold so much of his learning, creativity, laughter and joy over the coming year.

I needed to feel the feelings that were coming up and let them out honour them.  I sat down and had a private little cry, into tissues I had specifically added to my handbag that morning.  After some fresh air and a little space I peaked in the window to see my Fox playing happily, he was surprised to see me looking in at him and laughed, happy and comfortable already.  I returned to the room far more relaxed and joined him, watching as he welcomed a number of his preschool friends who he will share the year with.

At pick-up time, came out came my boy with a big thumbs up and said “I had a really, really good day”.  Later at the dinner table he said “thanks for dinner Muma, you know I had a good day at school”.  A great start.


One thought on “first day

  1. Such a beautiful, precious moment for you and for Lucas. Pictures speak a thousand words and just the last few minutes of looking at your little family has made my heart completely melt. I’m loving that delicious bump too! xoxo

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