talented friends

posy from my gardenI really do have great friends, kind people, generous of spirit, intelligent, talented, dynamic, creative, each person in their own way.  Some of my friends run their own successful businesses from home or online, like Germaine and Ros others have private offices or clinics and others shop fronts.

Many friends have made career changes since having children, others are re-thinking their career choices.  And two friends have recently carved out their own business.

I often think how strong they must be, confident in their craft or their product and dedicated to doing something that gives them pleasure as well as an income.  Perhaps one day I will join their ranks in my own unique venture?!

Since the New Year two lovely friends have started their own businesses and I’d like to give them a bit of a wrap.

Tahnee launched her photography business, if you have ever thought of getting some family photos you need to check out her work, she is a natural, she captures everyday moments beautifully, with emotion and realism, and she is a great women to boot!.  If I were in Melbourne I’d be calling her to capture our little family after the arrival of our babe in just four short weeks!  Really do yourself a favour, look up her photography website it is just beautiful.

Alison another gorgeous mother of two has recently decided on a career change and has started out as an Intimo consultant.  Al has been wearing Intimo apparel for at least the last eight months, and has been raving about the products.  She realised that she believes in the product so much that she should sell them.  My sister bought a couple of Intimo bra’s recently and loves them.  I’ve recently searched the website and once I get my pre-baby body back I will be buying the dream bra in multiples, I will need the lift and fill!  If your in the market for any new lingerie flick me an email at sleep yummy at gmail dot com so I can provide you with the lovely Al’s contact details.


One thought on “talented friends

  1. you are too kind, my friend 🙂 I’m sorry it took me so long to respond, I read this on my ipod during the week and then forgot to comment back at the computer (I hate commenting on such a tiny device!) – bad memory the result of a long solo parenting week. thankyou so much for your sweet words, it’s been scary and daunting – especially having just bought a new camera and lens.. – but so very exciting at the same time, your support has been truly wonderful xxx

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