siblings OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERASharing is such a big part of siblings’ lives.  Sharing toys, books, food, friends, games, the bubbler and sharing time with your parents.   How fortunate I was growing up to have two siblings to teach me about being part of a family.

Our two love each other, and I think for the most part they get on pretty well.  Sharing can be tough on both of them.  Tonight I caught Poppy smacking Fox in the bath because he wouldn’t share the soap with her.  In general when in an argument Foxy gives in to Poppy’s wants far too often than I think he should.

I know that it is right for us to be a family with three kids, I have always imagined myself with at least three children. That said, there are times like today and tonight when I have wondered how will these little babes will go sharing me with our newest family member.

I guess we will learn together the lessons we need to about being a family of five. I just hope I can do it with more grace than I have shown in the last few days.



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