talking about routines…

plaster painting OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAI was talking last week with one of my sewing friend’s Ros.  Like our family she has just sent her biggest babe off to school.  We were sharing how family hours are so changed with the introduction of school and how we need to find new times and spaces in the day for jobs, for play and so on.

I’ve been conscious of trying to set up a routine from the beginning of school that we can keep up once our baby arrives.  Am I kidding myself?  Will it all go out the proverbial once the babe comes home?  I don’t know but it is worth a try isn’t it? It is worth having some structure for the big kids to feel grounded by; perhaps more to the point for me to feel grounded by!   Even if the baby brings a world of changes to our lives, if we can keep to some of our routine, surely it will help?

Currently we drive to school. Nuts really because it is less than one kilometre. My back just doesn’t stand up to the return walk at the moment – post baby I aim to walk.  At pick up we often have a little play in the playground before coming home. Once we’re home we have a snack and then the kids can choose any kind of messy play or craft: sand and water mess making, painting, plaster making. Then it is time for an early bath.  My aim is to have them washed and Pjama-ed by 4.30pm they can then watch play school and if they are lucky one or two Peppa Pig episodes while I cook dinner.

We eat dinner without Mark. It’s a shame he’s not home but our early risers need to be in bed with lights out by or before 7pm.  Marco is fantastic. He comes home and gets straight into Daddy time, reading, teeth brushing, last toilet trips and bed time cuddles and putting back to bed when the smallest big one strays out of their shared bedroom.

I had thought about our new routine and what it might look like starting school, so far it is working for us…..with just two big kids anyway!


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